Thank you for being here, reading about us in our b o n o I b o n o universe.

Thank you for being here, reading about us in our b o n o I b o n o universe.

We are the architects and fashion designers Cecilia Bono and Federico Reynoso. We have two little girls (if you know what that means), and the apple of our eyes, the store. We are an Argentinian / Italian couple who live in Barcelona. Our team is small and we are present in every single stage of the creative process until you take the finished-product home.  It’s a family business. We make everything with our own hands and that implies going to work with our hair undone, sighing at every corner, thinking about how busy we are. Sometimes we get caught in the rain but luckily we are always wearing our b o n o I b o n o I waterproof jackets. The most important thing in our everyday life is that Fede and I always cover each other’s backs.  We are in charge of every single detail of the different process stages, checking and adjusting all the pieces, doing our best for you to receive the best product.    Margarita helps us in the production process. She pays attention to every piece with a lot of care and love. Our products are 100% locally made. We love what we do and we do it with LOVE, SOUL AND HEART…

Drawing and handcrafting have always been the best way to express myself. From as early as I can remember, I have been designing, dressing my dolls and sewing by hand with my mom’s help. One day, my aunt Zully lent me her sewing machine and I started making my own clothes. After that, I continued making  my sister’s and my mother’s clothes and since then I have never stopped. At that moment, I couldn’t afford buying as many new fabrics as I’d have liked to. So, I used to steal some garments from my mother’s closet and I recycled them in order to make new designs to wear when I went out with my friends. They loved my designs and they wanted me to make clothes for them too. Later,  my university classmates also wanted to wear my designs. I think that is why I feel my customers are like my friends. It was like that from the very beginning of my career. How would you make something for a friend of yours or for yourself? The answer is, with a lot of LOVE! When I was studying architecture, my classmates and I created a new brand called “Sinergia”. As the word means, it was an addition of energies to create handbags. That was the starting point to design my own products.  I needed to materialize my designs. I have always liked team work. It’s something I learnt at home and that is how b o n o I b o n o I was born. My partner and companion in all the adventures was my sister Andrea. I have always been a self-taught person until I realised I needed a wide range of resources and tools to develop my crafting. That’s why, I decided to study fashion design at the Fashion Kandinsky Centre in Córdoba, Argentina. At the same time, I continued studying Architecture. My sister and I used to create pieces from basic patterns. They were like canvases and our brushes were the textures we used to sew over them, designing a unique and exclusive garment. We made wedding, birthday and prom gowns. Every day was a different adventure and every client represented a new challenge as well as a new opportunity to learn. Our friends modeled our clothes in our photo shoots. Our mom used to make loom weaving applique that we sewed on our dresses.  We were selected to participate in a book called 101 author designs published by INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology of Argentina).    

When I graduated from the university, Federico (my boyfriend at that time, the father of my daughters and current business partner), and I decided to travel to Europe. After visiting Barcelona, we felt in love of the city and we decided to live there. In 2010, we arrived in Barcelona and the first person who opened the door of her store to us was Lilly, a german designer. Her shop was located in the Gothic neighbourhood in Ample street. We used to execute her designs and we sold our own products as well. At that time, Federico and I created Bono Bono. After that, we worked in Avinyó street and later in Jupi street. At that moment, we started to sell our products in fashion designers fairs. We moved to L’ Esquirol street. In this shop we shared the space with the brand BANDA DE RODADURA. At that time, we also welcomed our first daughter. We also worked at Carretes street and later at Mirallers street. Then,  3 Banys Vells street became the address of our own store because “the apple of our eyes” needed its own space. In the same year, our second child was born.  We have moved a lot since we came to Barcelona. Can you imagine us carrying our baggage from one place to the other all the time? The truth is that we were really happy in every place we stayed because it took us where we are now. We have met wonderful people here and there and we hope to meet you too someday! THANK YOU for being part of our life!

When I started working with my sister many years ago, we decided to use our own Italian surname BONO that comes from  buono  and it means “good” in Spanish. We thought it was nice to repeat the word twice because it means you can see two equal pieces but different at the same time. This idea was completed with its isotype: a half moon with 2 safety pins.

The store, “THE APPLE OF OUR EYES”,  our atelier is a creative place where we develop every single idea, we think about it, we draw it, we think about it again until we make it true.  All the time people ask us, ‘how much time did you spend making this dress? And the answer is: “many years”. Do you want to know why? Because in order to be able to produce this dress, we had to produce lots of dresses before. We think about it, make sketches to clarify the idea and decide what fabric to use. Sometimes the type of fabric creates the dress.  Pattern making is also important. Do you know what a pattern is? It is to draw on paper a scale reproduction of your dress. Then, you have to cut it and sew it, sometimes undo it.  If we make mistakes, we re-do the pattern, cut and sew again, iron it and repeat the process over and over again until it is as it must be: “well executed”. We try the piece on the mannequin and we hang it from a hanger. When you get to the store and try it on, we make sure that it looks great on you! After this process, we take pictures for you to see. Therefore, I said that to make a dress takes a lot of time.   Improving every single piece as much as possible is our vice.    As you can see on our website, our products are the result of many years of experience and hardwork. We consider our products timeless and the best thing for us  to know is that our pieces last for years. When someone tells us that they have kept a Bono Bono jacket for years is the best compliment we can receive.   Our collections have a mother piece and the rest of the collection derives from it. The same thing happens with families adding new members but always respecting the mother as the origin of it. This allows us to improve our work to give you the best pattern and make it perfect for you!   The materials of every collection are different. We love the combination and variety of materials and textures as well as the high quality and durability of the natural and technical fabrics we use.

You have to choose our brand if you feel that the piece picks you out. If you imagine yourself wearing it. I love looking at my clients eyes when they see themselves in the mirror. They can see beyond the reflected image and find themselves gorgeous! We love helping you feel unique and exclusive. We do not only sell dresses, we sell what you feel when you wear it. That’s why we said that the piece picks you out, we want you to fall in love with it. Nothing else matters, it’s just you wearing the garment. That is the exact moment when our work is finally complete. When you are happy wearing your b o n o I b o n o! The love that we put into each piece, every finishing detail is seen in the final result. We want your b o n o I b o n o piece to last for years and that you wear it whenever you want to. It doesn’t matter what is trendy or not because our pieces are timeless. We only want to help you feel special and different, TO BE YOURSELF.  HANDMADE because it’s made by us, YOU CAN TOUCH IT … WITH LOVE  because we make it with a lot of respect, dedication and commitment paying attention to every single detail, YOU CAN SEE IT… SOUL because we work with passion, YOU CAN FEEL IT… AND HEART because everytime we sell a piece, something of us leaves with it, YOU CAN HEAR IT … Thank you very much for your time and for being part of our b o n o I b o n o I  universe.